Thursday, April 19, 2012

Scent Events and More!!

This month has been amazing for me! I'm gonna be totally honest here and tell you, I started out this month with NO parties booked and no potential orders. I was a little worried to say the least. So I started thinking about ways to promote my business and get this Spring season started right. I sent out flyers to promote my monthly specials to all of my customers and got 3 parties booked just from that alone! I've also been searching for events and festivals to set up a booth at. I was lucky enough to find a really well knowsn arts and crafts festival to book for the first weekend of May and I also decided to set up my own multi-vendor event for June! I'm so excited about all of the new opportunities ahead!! April has turned out to be a really great month!! I have amazing customers and wonderful hostesses that keep me going! If any of you are interested in joining me for the vendor event, please comment below so I can give you the details. We still have a few spots available!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Becoming A Leader

I spent a good 8 months just figuring out my Scentsy business; how to get my name out in the community, how to drum up business, what works and what doesn't, etc. I never tried to "recruit" anyone. I wanted other people to be blessed by this business the way I was, but didn't feel like I was ready to be a leader so I didn't even try. One night in September of 2011 my friend, Sarah, came over as I was packaging up some orders to be delivered. She sat down in the living room floor to help me package them and we started opening all the bars and smelling them. We were having so much fun just sitting there smelling those scents and talking about what they reminded us of! My living room was filled with lots of laughs along with lots of yummy fragrances that night! After that, Sarah was hooked and decided to sign up on my team a few days later! This put me in a leadership position because I wanted her to be successful at this with me, so I started watching leadership videos and joining training calls so that I could better prepare myself for my new position. A few weeks later I checked my Scentsy workstation one day and found that I had a new person join my team! This was someone that had ordered from one of my parties several months before and I had no idea that she was interested in signing up! I was totally shocked and excited!! In the months following, my little team started growing and I now have a team of 7, consisting of a teacher, a pharmacy tech, 4 stay-at-home moms, and a full-time working mom! I am still amazed because I never tried to recruit any of these ladies. All I did was post on Facebook how much I have been blessed with this business! These ladies are awesome and they amaze me everyday! They have made my transition into a Team Leader very easy. I want them to be successful with their businesses and I am willing to do whatever I can to help them through their journeys.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Scentsy Story

So, this is my very first blog post EVER!! I thought I would start this thing off by posting my Scentsy story. So here goes...

My husband, my daughter and I have lived in Northwest Arkansas for our entire relationship. I grew up here and, although I have lived in many other states, I'm always drawn back here. This is my home. We moved to FL for a couple of years, but decided it just wasn't for us so we moved back here to NWA in 2010. While we were in FL, I went to college and got a degree as a CMA. I love the medical field and found my job as a Cardio nurse very rewarding! But when we moved, I had trouble finding a job here in AR, and my husband got an amazing position with a HUGE corporation which requires him to travel a lot. Our daughter was about to start school and I needed to find a job with some flexibility in the hours, which just isn't available in the medical field. So I began opening my mind up to other possibilities. In the meantime, Spring was in the air and there were lots of craft fairs and festivals going on in our area. One Saturday, we all decided to go to a Spring festival and that day changed my life! At this festival there were lots of vendors set up selling their handmade crafts and products. I walked by them scanning what they had, but we were there to have fun and play games, so I wasn't really interested in buying anything....UNTIL an amazing smell filled my nose! I LOVE things that smell good! I have always been a candle and room spray person. I just love to walk in to my house and smell fresh, clean fragrances! So, I followed my nose and it lead me to a little tiny booth at the very end of the vendor tents. There was a lady there with a variety of boxes that had the name "Scentsy" on them. She walked over and introduced herself and her products. I had never heard of Scentsy before, so I had no idea how it worked. She did a quick demonstration and gave me some of her scent samples along with a catalog. I ended up buying a warmer and a bar from her, and when we got home I plugged it in right away and started warming my candle bar. Needless to say, I was in love!! I still have that warmer and use it everyday. I had never considered this as a business opportunity until a few months later when I saw a friend of mine on Facebook talking about her new Scentsy business. I sent her a message about it and after chatting for a while, I decided that this might just be exactly the opportunity that I was looking for! So, I went online and signed up under her! That was February 21, 2011. I have now been with Scentsy for a little over a year and never dreamed that I could be so blessed and rewarded from a JOB! I thank God everyday for all of my blessings! I know this has all been from Him because I could never have come up with this on my own. I love my "job" and I have the most amazing customers in the world! My daughter gets to help me run my business and my husband is my biggest fan and supporter! Life is good... :)